For this site, which has taken far too long to happen due to my lazziness (hee hee), I was thinkin' of tryin' to keep it fresh and do something a little different - or should I say: G-Style.

So, rather than giving you a biog, I've decided to offer you my intent instead. In other words: What's Mr G's philosophy/sound?

So, here goes.

Having been brought up by my older friends on proper roots 'Studio One' through to 'Lover's Rock', and learning my craft by being a box boy for a local sound system, that's where my love of 'low-end' comes into play.

Then, as I grew into a true Philly Soul fan, I developed a love of

good ballads, and I mean good ballads in any genre.

In short, this lies at the very core of my music and helped me to find House/Techno/Electronic Dance and more eclectic stuff for that analogue sound which, when looked into, can throw up some mad, crazy, abstract shit that to some is a total head flp, which in its turn is the trade-mark Mr G 'flip-the-script' moment that most of my beatz have.

So, this is a brief outline of what I and my soulful, twisted low-end funk sound are about. I hope that now you know, you'll understand things better! When i find space and I'm not doing beatz, i'll get round to updating you some more.

Enjoy. Mr G.